No Wrongs (ft. Cyancoholic)

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🔸By: Alicia Lidwina🔸

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I won’t cry.

I promised you I will see you off with a smile.

So I won’t cry.

At least, you won’t see me cry.


You won’t see me cry.

But even after you’re gone and you stop thinking about me

(did you ever?)

I will still see you in my dreams

As the drops melt away, through my eyes

And you shall be there

Forever walking away from my life

Ten Seconds

I knew this day would come

But I believe our farewell came

Ten seconds too early;

I didn’t have time to:

Call out your name to make you stop

So you will turn your back

So you will finally see me

Bathing in all my love and adoration towards you

In what you perceive as mere ten seconds

Which was as precious as eternity to me