Maybe Everything (ft. Cyancoholic)

May Everything



🔸By: Alicia Lidwina🔸


You asked me once:

“What would you have done differently if we were born in this world with a different circumstances?”

I just laughed and teased you for being too sappy all of a sudden. It was truly too strange of a question to be asked on a whim–I still remembered you flustered and told me to forget you ever said anything.

And on the surface, I did as I was told: I pretended like you never asked the question.

But as the conversation moved on, and we talked about hundreds of other more interesting topics, the question haunted me: What would I have done differently?

Maybe nothing, was the very first answer that came to mind.

Maybe everything, was the true answer I had been looking for, occurring to me many, many years later.


***I am proud to announce that this short story is now available in printed format. You could check out the product page here, or you can go directly to my shop page to purchase one.

Thank you for the overwhelming support and love!

🔹Art by the talented🔹

🔹Story by Alicia Lidwina (2017)🔹


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