My Favorite Writing VLOGS on Youtube

I have this strange hobby of learning how other authors work on their projects. This sometimes means stalking their Instagram feeds, or even their Twitter pages. But one of my favorite pastimes, aside from blog walking, is to watch Writing VLOGS on Youtube.


There is just something so productively encouraging about seeing how other writers struggle, and finally, emerge victorious from this figurative war against their writer’s block, for example.

That being said, here are some of my favorite Writing-related VLOGS I’ve found on Youtube. They might prove to be either educational, inspirational, or both. Please enjoy this master list!


Favorite Writing VLOG #1: Katytastic’s 27 Chapter Structure

I have been a long-time fan of Katytastic’s videos. I know she intended her Youtube channel mostly as a BookTube, but I really like her writing-related videos. In particular, I’d like to highlight her 27 Chapter Structure video, which really helped me a lot with outlining when I knew almost nothing about it years ago.

She basically used Shakespeare’s 3 Act Structure (Beginning-Middle-End) and divided them into 9 Blocks, of which she divided them again into 27 Chapters in an outline format. I’d have to say that the outline lends itself especially well to YA Dystopian novels, more than anything. But I find her video thoroughly comprehensive and applicable to a lot of writing projects.

The video’s long, but if you’re an aspiring author in need of a quick tutorial to outline your next book, look no further.


Favorite Writing VLOG #2: Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art”

Do you consider yourself an artist? Or are you an aspiring artist, with a lot of insecurities of how you should proceed to this ever-evolving, vast world? I’d have to say, I didn’t set my expectations high when I stumbled upon this video. For one, the video is very long, and I haven’t read any of Neil Gaiman’s book aside from Stardust, which didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

Yet, when I started watching the video, I was hooked. He delivered sentences of pure wisdom, and he kept it real. The video never fails to remind me that whatever happens in my life, be it good or bad, the only thing I have to do never changes: make good art.

(Thank you so much for your wisdom, Mr. Gaiman)


Favorite Writing VLOG #3: Kelsey Mackey’s Pep Talk

We’ve all been there. We feel that the whole world is conspiring against us, and we feel like there’s no way out of whatever predicament we’re in. We feel defeated. We despair. We think that there is no way we could ever succeed in whatever we are doing. There are inevitable moments like these in our lives; we just can’t help it.

I have it, too.

Now, I know the video isn’t 100% writing related. But I know Kelsey Macke is a writer, and I remember this Pep Talk video she made helped a lot when I was beginning to despair over completing the manuscript for 3(Tiga). Even now, whenever I feel hopeless, I still turn to this video for comfort.

This video always gives me not only the strength to face my own defeat but also hope that I will do better next time.


Favorite Writing VLOG #4: Kristina Horner’s NaNoWriMo Song

Okay, so I’m pretty much convinced that if you’re an aspiring writer, you should at least have heard of NaNoWriMo. You know, the international event that takes place in November, when all the writers all over the globe join in a movement of writing a 50,000 words manuscript in 30 days.

50,000 words in 30 days. For a lot of us, that will be a nightmare.

So what if I told you someone has composed their own version of a NaNoWriMo theme song? The song has dynamic rhythms, catchy melodies, and very relatable lyrics. Every November, I never forget to tune into this song right before each writing session, just to get me pumped up.

The music is not even my cup of tea, but the lyrics make me listen to it repeatedly. Go ahead and listen to the song. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you; the song is very addictive.


Favorite Writing VLOG #5: Gifts for Writers Videos

Now I don’t have a single favorite video for this one, as this is more of a topic instead of a VLOG. But I digress.

Who doesn’t love gifts? I love giving people presents, and I sure do love getting presents myself! It could literally be in any occasion: New Year’s, Christmas, birthdays, etc. There’s nothing like giving and receiving gifts from your family and friends. It’s always interesting to see the gifts everyone has prepared for me, be it good or bad.

And since I’m a writer, it goes without saying that I love watching videos about gift ideas for writers. Just search “Gift For Writers” on Youtube, and a bunch of really interesting videos will surely pop up. From my experience, watching those videos will lead me to either of these:

  1. Wanting the gift so much I couldn’t help but tell everyone I know about it.
  2. Deciding that it would be a perfect gift for my writer friends.

So you see, there is no downside from watching them! 🙂


Favorite Writing VLOG #6: Writing Essentials Videos

Similarly, I always gravitate towards other writer’s writing essentials. You know, the stuff they need and use in order for them to write. Usually, this includes a laptop, stationaries, notebooks, a water bottle, an earpiece, a cell phone, and the likes. I rarely find writing essentials that are that much different from the rest, but I still enjoy watching each one of them nonetheless.

If you’re curious about other writers’ writing tools like me, then there are a few phrases you might be able to use in order to find the relevant videos on Youtube:

  • Writing Essentials
  • NaNoWriMo Survival Kit
  • Camp NaNoWriMo Survival Kit
  • My Writing Setup

I hope you’ll enjoy stalking other writers’ workstation! (Okay that sounds wrong on so many levels)


Favorite Writing VLOG #7: Kaleb Nation’s How to Write a Book

This isn’t a video about how to write a book, which is quite ironic, given the video title. This is more like Kaleb Nation’s perspective on how he finds the right idea to write, on how he converts that idea into a book, and how he knows that he has to write the idea down.

The video is particularly brief, at around 3 minutes long. I guess I like the video for its brevity, but also for how much I could relate to his opinions on writing a book. Just like Kaleb, I also tend to get lost in my own writing projects once I’ve started gaining momentum. Like how he writes from 5PM to 2AM in the morning every day, I’ve also talked about finishing a manuscript in 9 days; a feat that requires just as much hard work.


Favorite Writing VLOG #8: Ariel Bissett ZINE Video

If you’ve read the blog post about my personal Zine project, then you’d probably know where did I draw my inspiration from.

I just love Ariel’s personality. Whenever I watch her videos, I can’t help but feel her positive vibes. I just feel naturally drawn to her passionate writing projects and enthusiastic approach to about any videos she makes. This is how I got interested in zine-making in the first place: because Ariel Bissett looked like she was having some serious fun creating them.


I will be posting new content every Saturdays, be it writerly stuff, or just things that I like to write about. This includes my own stories, information about my books, and things that interest me. Keep yourself updated by following me on Twitter and Instagram.


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Writing VLOGS on Youtube

  1. A lot of great resources here to get inspired and do something! 😀 Neil Gaiman’s speech is wonderful! I had watched it before and remembered I loved it but for some reason couldn’t recall at all what he talked about,I think I will remember this time and if nothing else, it inspired me once more. Thanks for sharing your favorite vlogs! I love how they are all so positive and energetic, that is the kind of vibes I am usually looking for.

    Liked by 1 person

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