The Place that Nurtured Me

I used to work in a startup company.

It wasn’t a big company per se, but we did have a big dream. It is no secret that in this modern era, founding and nurturing a startup company that will eventually go boom in the market is like a proverbial rat race everyone should participate in. It was almost like the norm, even.


I still remember the day when I first set my foot inside the office, back in March 2014. I was still a total newbie and wet behind the ears. The office only occupied one medium-sized room inside a two stories office building in the heart of Jakarta. Having previously interned in a more “prestigious” office that perches on the 28th floor of a rather modern skyscraper, I had clearly thought that this company was a total joke.

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Of Letting Go

It had been awhile since I broke up with my ex.

The thing is, we never actually separated on a sour note. Sure, there were some things that didn’t click between us, and we ended up having more differences than we could reconcile. But when we decided to break up and go on with our separate lives, we never actually hated each other.


I still remember the day when we broke up, clear as day. He was sitting right in front of me, in a dimly lit bar in Central Jakarta. He was fidgeting, I recall, and didn’t even have a sip of his beer—or even talk. Realizing that there were something he wanted to say, I decided to stay put and observe the waft of smoke from one of the nearby guests like it was the most interesting thing ever.

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The Acrophobic Traveller

“So tell me, are you travelling solo?”

Inside a cheap, red-painted walls of a traveller’s hostel in Osaka, this man, who was most likely in his mid 30s, asked me once.

It didn’t take me long to answer that.

“No,” I replied. “Not yet, at least. But I will be in a few days.”


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The Garden of Words – a review

There is something about Shinkai Makoto’s works that moves my heart.


Maybe it’s the amazing artwork and animation render quality. Perhaps it’s the simplistic story concept that takes everyone’s breath away. Or maybe it’s just because the music sews everything perfectly. I couldn’t find one specific reason of my addiction towards Shinkai Makoto’s works, and I am content to announce that I don’t even care why. Continue reading

5 Books That Got Me into Writing Fiction

Looking back, I had always been the storyteller of the family.

I remember talking to my grandmother on a rainy day, or during one of those unfortunate days when there was a blackout and we couldn’t do anything but gather by a candle in the living room and chat until the electricity’s back on again—I had always been the one telling stories, whether they be from my own experiences or pure fiction.

But I have to admit that I owe a major bulk of my interest in storytelling to my hobby: reading.


And as I am writing this post, I feel overwhelmed with disappointment that I don’t read as often as I used to, just like I had mentioned in my recent post. Reading used to be what defined me; it shaped me into the person I am today. It would not be an overstatement to say that I owe my whole interest into creative writing to the great books I read during my childhood.

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My Personal Writing Project – ZINE

So I ran a small poll on Instagram the other day, asking whether I should write about the Zine I created vs. my favorite writing places. It was a close fight between the two, really, with this post edging the other by a hair. But a win’s a win, so here is the promised blog post!

My zine: “Wonderland of Lost Souls”, and all the utensils I used to create it.

Now let’s cut the chase: what is a Zine?

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My (Super Late) 2018 Reading Goals

I am a writer. Or, at least, I identify myself as one.

And for writers, perhaps reading books is something inseparable to their lives. In fact, I can personally testify that I wouldn’t have known half the joy of my life were it not for reading and discovering great books.

I know what people think of us: A writer is supposed to not only write every day, but also read books at every single second of their waking hours. They are expected to have bazillion of books in their houses and hold them in separated vaults for future references.

I know it might sound overly stereotypical, but I also can’t completely deny it. For the most part, I would love that kind of life. I mean, who wouldn’t love a life where I can just sit idly all day, either equipped with my laptop to write my next prose or a book to immerse myself in someone else’s creation? That would be like going into a writing retreat every single day of my life!

Yet, in reality, I have a very ugly confession to make: I don’t really read that much anymore.


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My Favorite Snacks for Long Writing Sessions

It is no secret by now that my kind of writing sessions had always been long and torturing. Since I have to juggle with my day job and other side projects, I can only focus 100% on writing if I were to write non-stop. And that often translates into 5-7 hours of writing non-stop in front of my laptop, spare for that several times I go to the restroom or to refill my water bottle.


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My Top 5 Anime Titles of All Time

If you have read my debut novel, 3 (Tiga), you will know that I often draw inspiration from Japanese culture.

After all, there are a lot to be loved from their culture, don’t you agree? From the scrumptious food, elegant buildings and traditions, and to the ever so popular anime and manga culture—I can comfortably say that they helped me shape my identity through my younger years.

An inseparable part of this Japanese culture is, of course, has something to do with their animation industry.


Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece—those are just some titles that you might have heard about at least once or twice, even if you have no interest in watching them. The culture of watching Japanese animation—dubbed anime—has become so immensely popular that a lot of people has even built some sort of a cult around it.

Now, as much as I love anime, I can’t say that I watch them 24/7. I used to enjoy them almost every day during my younger years, but nowadays I turn to anime as a short escape from my daily grind. Think of it as my way to recharge my mental energy after I forced it to work all week long.

Here are some anime titles that I thoroughly enjoyed. You might have heard of them, or you might have not. But I really think that these titles are worth a try when you’re bored. Who knows, you might get hooked and become a fan of these anime titles yourself! Continue reading