Writer’s Block; Fight or Flee? – with Yarii


It is an extremely common case for writers to  face this semi-mythical thing called ‘writer’s block’. Some believe that it exists while some think that it is a myth.

For readers or people who do not write, it is probably difficult for you to imagine how it feels like to have writer’s block. to put it in a simple way, ‘I know what will happen but I cannot put it into words’, Get it?

There are two common routes when facing this boss in the author adventure. You either fight it by forcing yourself to write or you flee by not writing.

What do I do when I face this particular nemesis?

1. Go Back


I often meet writer’s block when I do not get the correct mood. To deal with it, I re-read my draft or outline to remember(Have I mentioned how poor my memory is? I do not remember what I have written on my draft) what exactly happened previously. If I get the mood, I will go back to writing. If I don’t get the mood, I stop writing (there’s no happiness through persistence and force, y’all).

2. Write Freely


Although it does not apply to everyone, writing the same story for a certain time may cause your creative flow to stop. A way to solve it is to stop writing that story and start writing freely whatever pops up in your mind. This might trigger your brain to spin and actually squeeze out your creativity (hopefully).

3. Music, Please!


It is already known that music can increase your brain activity and thus, produce more creativity. That is why, your choice of music is important. I get writer’s block when I get bored of the music. Music is a great mood maker so, make sure you tune the right ones! You can do this along with number 2 too!

4. Bed Gravity


When is the most tiring moment for authors? When they meet writer’s block. It is one of the main cause of frustration and stress. Sometimes, a good nap can fix that. Sleeping puts your mind at ease and refresh it! Just like how your internet page needs to be refreshed when they keep getting errors! Sleep is good. Go to sleep. I get a lot of ideas before I sleep every night.

5. Shower


Who gets stream of ideas when they shower? Me! I get this a lot especially when I focus on the sound of running water. It is calming and at the same time it makes you concentrate. It is not only a good refreshment for your body, it also refreshes your mind.

6. Game is On!


I don’t think I need to explain this part but it is in one of my ways to refresh my mind and to train my brain. Currently, I spend my time playing Neighbours From Hell 2 to refresh my mind. You need to be creative in the game (I do not recommend doing it irl).


Also Superstar BTS, it is unexpectedly fun! Plus you get a lot of cards with handsome faces as well as great songs with rap and vocal. This kind of rhythm game will make you focus and it is a great practice if you have short span of attention (like me).

You don’t have to exactly follow my methods, but if you want to try, go ahead! Find your type of game and play it until you are satisfied!

This ends my guest-post today. Do you experience the same thing? Do you have your unique way in dealing with writer’s block? Comment below and share your experience!

I am Yarii and I am happy that Alicia lets me do another guest-post! Visit my web to read my writings! I do short stories, blog, poems… and you can read 2 chapters of my novel, Botan -peony- too!

See you!

Find her here:

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Find her newly released book, Botan, here.


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