One Acknowledgements Page I Didn’t Write (Unspoken Words)

There are a lot of parties involved in the writing process of my newest book, UNSPOKEN WORDS. The writing part—sure, it was pretty much solitary. But I owe the conception of this book to a lot of wonderful people, and I am here to convey my gratitude to each and every one of these individuals.

And yes, this list is going to be pretty lengthy. Because pretty much the reason why I didn’t include this acknowledgements in the book is because I didn’t have enough time (and pages) to fit this in.


To my mother, of which the very heart and soul of UNSPOKEN WORDS was born from. Thank you for the inspiration & thank you for enduring, all these years.

To Dad, getting your health back is the greatest reward I could ever have for finishing this book. Thank you for being there; thank you for still being there.

To my little sister, for never interrupting my writing sessions by being annoying, I suppose. Thanks for being the understanding little sister that you are.

To CR family, as always. You guys lend the warmth for this story; because no home feels complete without great friends to share it with. Thank you for always being my home through thick and thin.

To Let, who once told me that mother stories are the best tear-jerkers, second only to dog stories. Thank you for the years of friendship, and the fleeting hours we spent talking about story ideas and how life changed us from innocent adolescents to jaded adults. Here’s to (at least) another decade of friendship!

To Sheila, who once again contributes a stunning artwork for my story. You have the talent, dear. Please show the world what you’re capable of. Thank you for lending your breathtaking art to me and my books. (Art coming soon)

To Sherly, who is paving her road to tomorrow relentlessly. I’ve always admired your perseverance and energy. You might not realize it, but witnessing you doing your best fuels my motivation like no other can. Thank you for always being a good friend, and best of luck with your dreams!

To WTF ft. Pisank team. I still reminisce our times together fondly. During the bleakest moments when I didn’t feel like I could write another sentence, I needed only to remember the fun we had, and then I felt like I could conquer anything. Thank you for the companionship & the laughter.

To Ci Nancy, who once told me that if there’s anything a mother would always do without so much as having second thoughts about, then it is forgiving her children. Thank you for showing me the ropes during the darkest hours of my life.

To Winna, for the kind and encouraging words. Your writing advice are almost always spot-on. I am looking forward to “Tsubaki to Shigure”—or whatever the title is going to be later on.

To my editor, Utha, for always being honest with your feedback (or sometimes, the lack thereof). Thank you for putting up with me; thank you for believing that I could still write another book, despite having produced zero books in the past 2 years.

To readers who have read 3 (Tiga), and encouraged me to write another book. I realize that I have kept you guys waiting for long. Trust me when I say this book would never be completed without you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.







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