My Writing Playlist: Unspoken Words


Femme – Kajiura Yuki (梶浦 由記)

Shizuka na Hibi (静かな日々) – S.E.N.S. Project

Lost Memory – S.E.N.S. Project

Itsuka Dokoka de (いつかどこかで) – Hama Takeshi (濱剛)

Deja View – S.E.N.S. Project

Since I completed the first draft of this project during Lebaran Holiday of 2017, I didn’t really need the music so much. But still, there were some really difficult scenes that prevented me from going on a full writing sprint at times. These songs were what I used to listen to whenever I was feeling stuck at writing a certain scene.

The first track, Femme, is basically the song that sparked the book idea for me. I came up with the premise of the book when I was listening to this song, after all. Femme was also the song I listened to when I was writing the very first scene of the book.

Shizuka na Hibi, on the other hand, helped me to concentrate tremendously whenever I was writing the flashbacks and the “dream scenes”. Lost Memory helped me to bring out the guilt from the main characters, and Itsuka Dokoka de was the song I turned to for the climax of the story. The more relaxed Deja View was the track I listened to towards the end of the book.

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