Wind Turbines and Their Magic


I often wonder how does it feel like to become a wind turbine. There is just something about its constant movement and spin that fascinates me. And I didn’t mean those power generating wind turbines. Even the run-of-the-mill electric fans people place in their houses in place of more modern aircons, they all give off the same effect.

Whenever I see one of those electric fans, I don’t just stand in front of it, gaping my mouth while trying to sound robotic. Well, I did, but it was in the distant past, when I couldn’t quite distinguish the difference between sugar and salt crystals. Now, I actually see the philosophy of those moving turbines in a different perspective.

Don’t you wonder why those turbines always spin, but they never actually move?

They spin fervently because it is the only thing it can do best, but they never actually get anywhere. And to be perfectly honest, it is just the way it is.

You don’t expect the turbines to actually move when they spin. Otherwise they won’t produce wind in one constant position, and the electric fan would lose its function. This isn’t the best illustration to describe it, but in a way, it is the same with how people are.

You might feel like everything around you is moving so fast that you just have to catch up with them. You might think that the only thing that can help you from feeling so restless is if you move your body, your mind, and your soul in the same direction as everyone else. But is it really the case, now?

What if everyone else is just like the spinning turbines? You can see them spinning, but they don’t actually move away. What if we never truly move away from anything? Perhaps that’s how we have been living our lives; spinning and spinning like a spinning top, and gaining the equilibrium in the process?

Please give it a thought the next time you see one of those cheap electric fans. There is really more to it than how the majority of people see it.


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