Maybe Everything (2018)


Title: Maybe Everything

Author: Alicia Lidwina

Release Date: September 2018

Language: English


A dead star—that’s what I am.

Just like a star that ran out of fuel—destined to wane in the dying universe. A star that shrank so greatly it couldn’t even turn to black hole. Like a solar system that lost its core; a hollow space populated with planets no longer bound by celestial gravity. I was left adrift in the boundless ocean of negativity.

And on the edge of the observable universe, there I stood by the entrance to my heart.

There was the door you once opened.

It is now closed.


Maybe Everything, essentially, is a collection of my writings that I wrote during the time I was so deeply in love I didn’t know how to survive other than writing about it. I wrote about life in general, falling in love, unrequited love, sacrifices, sorrow, heartbreak, mending your heart… and eventually giving yourself second chances. So I just knew the color scheme has got to have something to do with the contrast between light and darkness. I wanted the cover to not only represent the darkness in our hearts, but also the light. The small speck of hope that persistently roosts inside and never taking flight.

I want the cover design, and most importantly, the book, to help its readers embrace the darkness in their hearts, without ever letting go of hope. The book is a silent prayer I offer for everyone who’s hurting from the inside—so that someday, somewhere, they will feel alright again.

Where to find

Goodreads | Amazon | Gramedia | Gramedia Digital


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