My Writing Playlist: Polaris Musim Dingin

Polaris Musim Dingin Writing Playlist

Tomoki Miyoshi – Winter Journey’s Tale

Aimer – Ito

I have to admit, I wrote Polaris Musim Dingin so fast that I didn’t have the time to look for songs. For the longest time during the drafting process, I just listened to one song, and it carried me through almost all the scenes I wrote.

The first track, Winter Journey’s Tale, is a soundtrack from a haunting video game called I am Setsuna. A little fun fact is that I actually started thinking of Polaris Musim Dingin’s premise after I finished playing that game. The tune is poignant yet comforting; cold yet exudes warmth. It embodies everything that I want Polaris Musim Dingin to be, and I can say proudly that it served as the perfect ambient noise during my drafting process.

The second and final track, Ito, was the song I listened to when I finished writing Polaris Musim Dingin. The lyrics of the song are beautiful, and most importantly, suitable for the message I was trying to convey when I was writing the book.

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