Writing Playlist

A lot of people has been asking me, what kind of music do I listen to when I am writing my novels?

Now the truth is, I don’t necessarily need music to keep me in the zone. Of course I listen to them, but I wouldn’t consider music as my absolute writing essentials. I do have to admit, that music can help writers picture certain scenes better when used—which is practically what I am using music for: to help me write certain scenes that would be rather hard to write otherwise.

Below are the tracks I listened to when I was writing my novels, categorized by the book title.

3 (TIGA)

3 (Tiga)

Sayonara (さよなら) – Nishino Kana (西野カナ)

Issen Ichibyou (一千一秒) – EXILE TAKAHIRO

Tori no Uta (鳥の詩) – LIA

Tori no Uta (鳥の詩) ~Piano Version~  / Feather in Dreams – Takaishi Shinobu (鷹石しのぶ)




Femme – Kajiura Yuki (梶浦 由記)

Shizuka na Hibi (静かな日々) – S.E.N.S. Project

Lost Memory – S.E.N.S. Project

Itsuka Dokoka de (いつかどこかで) – Hama Takeshi (濱剛)

Deja View – S.E.N.S. Project