[REVIEW] FINAL FANTASY XV: So Much Potential….

It comes without saying that I am super late into the fray. Yes; I know the game was released a couple of years ago, and I know that most people would probably have read dozens of better-written reviews on the net. But as a long-time fan of Final Fantasy, I just feel the need to write my personal take on their latest installment.

Source: https://goo.gl/imyx1s

If you’ve been following me on this blog, then you would know that playing video games is one of my hobbies. I even wrote that Final Fantasy IX, with all its charms and flaws, was one of the games that changed my life. So you might be wondering,¬†why would a devoted fan as myself be this late into playing the game? Continue reading “[REVIEW] FINAL FANTASY XV: So Much Potential….”