[REVIEW] FINAL FANTASY XV: So Much Potential….

It comes without saying that I am super late into the fray. Yes; I know the game was released a couple of years ago, and I know that most people would probably have read dozens of better-written reviews on the net. But as a long-time fan of Final Fantasy, I just feel the need to write my personal take on their latest installment.


Source: https://goo.gl/imyx1s

If you’ve been following me on this blog, then you would know that playing video games is one of my hobbies. I even wrote that Final Fantasy IX, with all its charms and flaws, was one of the games that changed my life. So you might be wondering, why would a devoted fan as myself be this late into playing the game? Continue reading

トキ物語 (The Story Of Toki)

Hello everyone!

This excerpt is something I wrote back in 2015, but have been neglecting ever since. Part of the reason was that I didn’t know where to take the story; I didn’t think of the premise or concept when I started writing it. Unfortunately, the gullible practice turned out to be so interesting and I ended up saving the draft on my computer, only to forget all about it later.

I haven’t decided on what should I do with the story. Should I abandon the project, or should I attempt to finish the story? Do let me know what you think about it! 😉


Mobil yang membawa kami pergi dari Jakarta hari itu melaju dengan sangat perlahan. Aku masih bisa melihat awan yang berarak di langit biru saat itu, seolah segalanya baru terjadi kemarin. Diriku yang masih berusia sepuluh tahun mengintip dari kaca jendela mobil, melihat gugusan bangunan yang mungkin tidak akan kulihat lagi untuk waktu yang sangat lama.


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Getting Back into Writing

Recently, it feels so hard convincing myself to write something new. You know, be it a novel, a short story, or even a short poetry. There’s always this inexplicable part of my heart that just wouldn’t listen, no matter how hard I try to tell myself to write. Something is clearly holding me back, and I don’t know how to fight it.

Maybe the cause of such phenomenon was my fear of expectations. Of living up to a certain standard. Of not disappointing anyone with lousy, uninspiring prose. I’m constantly haunted by a phantom of failure—a projected hallucination of all the walls around me crumbling, should I fail to live up to everyone’s, and my own, expectations.

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Of Friendship

I think there is something twisted about early education in Indonesia: they told us that we must never sort and pick our friends.

In reality (at least, in my reality, since reality itself is subjective by nature), we get to pick our friends even from the earliest stages of our lives.


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Watching the Knots Unfurl

Don’t you find it funny that people drift apart for no reason?

The other day, I accidentally met one of my childhood friends in a shopping mall. The very first thought that came to my mind once our eyes met was, “Crap, now I have to make small talks.” And I don’t know if my friend realized it, but during that moment, the only thing I wanted was to escape from him, go home, and bury myself under a pillow.


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Yes, I have been called an introvert a number of times, but I really doubt being an introvert would drive me so much that I couldn’t enjoy a short, innocent meetup with an old friend. Especially since nothing bad ever happened between us; it’s not like he was my ex, or he bullied me in school. If anything, our past relationship was cool. Continue reading

Writing a Letter to Myself

In some occurrences between my slumber and waking, I often get strange visions. You know, the ones strange enough you couldn’t help but realize you were still half asleep.

For instance, I once had a strange vision of meeting my younger self right there, inside my room.



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My younger self sat in the corner of the bed. It felt really strange seeing myself there—as if I was looking into a mirror, only that the mirror reflects things from the past. In any case, I knew exactly what I was seeing; a phantom from my childhood who refuses to disappear in my sea of consciousness. Continue reading