Featured Artists


Nekonoji is a very talented artist who specializes in digital illustrations. Her collection of works features Japanese-influenced illustrations in various styles. She developed the more raw, simplistic, and heartfelt drawing style for my recent poems by herself.
Check out her other works here: http://nekonoji.deviantart.com/

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Cyancoholic is gifted with a very haunting and ethereal painting style. She has been perfecting her style over the years, with her art ranging from bleak, macabre-ish inkwork, to more light hearted and majestic colorful palette in forms of traditional and digital paintings. Cyancoholic also makes several illustrations for my poems.
She also did a stunning artwork for my debut novel, 3 (Tiga), which I printed as postcards and distributed as a limited edition gifts to my first readers.
Check out her other works here: http://cyancoholic.deviantart.com/

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Vanilique is an amazing vector illustration specialist and also a professional motion graphic artist. Among her extraordinary portfolio, she also created the portrait illustration on my “About Me” page. Her works always have this professional quality that sets them apart from other artists using a similar style.
Check out her other works here: http://instagram.com/vanilique/

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