About Me

Alicia Lidwina picture by the one and only Vanilique

An author, an avid reader, an occasional blogger, and an observant dreamer. While the idea of deconstructing ephemerality through writings fascinates her the most, she has to concur with the idea of writing just for fun. Sometimes you might find her sipping espresso at the nearest cafe, other times she would be haunting vacant seats in food courts while munching on her endless supply of chocolate bars.

Alicia Lidwina firmly believes that putting together an “About Me” section is one of the most cringe-worthy thing to do in the whole world, which is why she has to stop now before she starts telling the whole world how her grandmother was born (and how that contributed to her whole writing career).

Feel free to say hi, share your story, or rant about anything through Email: alicia.lidwina@gmail.com

Read her poems and illustrated poetry every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday on Instagram: @alicialidwina_

You are also welcome to waste your time by reading her squabbling on her Twitter: @alicialidwina_


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