Hope – a short prose

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

Originally written for a prompt submitted by @aqirakiandra

I often picture “hope”
as the candle we lit during blackouts;
no matter how fickle and weak
the ember is,
it shines with just enough glow
to illuminate an otherwise
absolute darkness.

Hello everyone! I’m finally back after several weeks of taking a hiatus, but I’m not quite ready to post regularly just yet. As you might have known already, I’ve just started working at a new job, and although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, this also means I have to catch up with a lot of things.

Please bear with me as I navigate through this transitional period. I promise to blog more regularly (with new contents!) as soon as I’ve adapted a little bit more. Thank you for your support!


I post new contents here every Saturday. This includes writing tips, reviews on writing/reading spots, short stories, poems, personal essays, and more. Keep yourself updated by following me on Twitter and Instagram!


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