A Butterfly Needs to be Loved

Based on a writing prompt submitted by @eunicesoe.vics

A scientist conducted an experiment with two caterpillars.

They are of the same species, and roughly the same size and age.

Photo by Philippe Leone on Unsplash

He fed one of the caterpillars with only the best quality leaves. He made sure to control the lighting and moisture level of the ecosystem to promote growth. And before long, the caterpillar transformed itself into its chrysalis form, bidding its time while undergoing metamorphosis.

The other caterpillar was not treated the same. He put the caterpillar in a container full of grass, but he didn’t even observe the specimen for the longest time–for he thought it should already have everything it needs inside. Soon enough, the caterpillar also transformed into a cocoon, and the scientist took note of the time when it happened for the sake of the experiment.

The first chrysalis cracked open in a few days. Slowly, but surely, the once-small worm transformed into a butterfly. Its majestic pair of wings expanded gloriously before it took flight, ending its metamorphosis with grace.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

The other chrysalis, however, never cracked open. At first, the scientist didn’t realize it, but even until he released the first butterfly into the wild, he noticed the second specimen didn’t budge. Feeling extremely curious, he forcefully cracked open the second specimen, only to find that the chrysalis had been infested with maggots.

The conclusion of his research was a very simple one: that a butterfly needs to be loved. Otherwise, it would never even get to take flight–and would rot inside its chrysalis without ever completing its metamorphosis.

In a lot of sense, the researcher thought that it applies to human as well.

Beings showered with love always flourish, he thought.

And beings that are taken for granted—he dumped the second specimen into the garbage bin—always ends in oblivion.


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One thought on “A Butterfly Needs to be Loved

  1. 😭😭 poor butterfly. I was so sure the pampered butterfly would grow weak and fragile while the ignored one would give us a nice example of survival skills 😋 nice story!

    Liked by 1 person

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