Once Upon a Dreary Time — a poem

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-alone-boy-building-236147/

Once upon a dreary time, a little boy was born.

He was born without sight, his parents left forlorn


The boy grew with sympathy,

his friends were many; many and bright

But no one deemed him worthy,

for he is lonely, a truly unlucky wight


Still, there was something; something only he can gather

The smell of earth is one thing, the sound of wind is another


A little girl was his friend, a gloomy one he may think

But his heart did she mend, a helping hand before he sinks


Ten years passed by, and the little boy is no more

Not knowing the sky, nor the dream to soar


To her did she ask, why was he born blind

As her face unmask, one thing did he find


The friend he thought he had, was never real to begin

She was all in his head, only the wind against his skin


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