Of Growing Apart

Recently I feel that we have drifted

a  p   a    r     t      .       .        .         .          .

And while everyone says that it is a good thing, I couldn’t help but to feel like the whole world is conspiring against us. It’s like preventing the sun from setting; the sky from fading, and the ice from melting. What they do not understand, however, is that the more we grow

a  p   a    r     t      .       .        .         .          .

The more I think about you. The more I feel you inside my head. The more I long for the day we meet again. The more I remember your touch, your caress, and your voice.

The world might be conspiring against us.

With you over there, slowly drifting away. With me over here, slowly sinking in.

But what they do not understand is, the more we grow

a  p   a    r     t      .       .        .         .          .

the more we are

c         l        o       s      e     r    .   .  . .

than ever.

One thought on “Of Growing Apart

  1. a harsh truth about relations, sometimes you feel it’s love but it is not and that’s the time when you start growing apart. In such situation it is better to tell the truth to your partner and avoid the falseness in love.

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